Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Your fountain drinks could be flat due to your drink temperature being too warm. Make sure there is an ample supply of ice in the fountain storage bin. Ensure the cold plate, or the bottom of the fountain ice storage bin, is covered completely by ice

Make sure your fountain syrup lines have a full Bag-In-Box fountain syrup. If you replace your syrup box and still have issues with one band or tower, contact your beverage provider for assistance.

First, review your Troubleshooting Guide to ensure your carbonator is working properly. Then, make sure all fountain syrup lines have a full Bag-In-Box fountain syrup. If your fountain syrup lines are empty and left connected, your pump can continue to operate and waste CO2. If the Bag-In-Box is full and your carbonator is working properly, contact EspriGas to coordinate a service call.

Look at the 0-400 psi gauge. If the gauge reads 280 psi or higher, the system is venting pressure and operating normally. If the tank reads below 280 psi, please call EspriGas at 1.800.720.1563 for assistance.

Overly foamy beer could be the result of the beer temperature being too warm, the incorrect gas pressure on the keg or incorrect blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas. Under-carbonated, flat beer can be caused by the beer temperature being too cold, incorrect gas pressure on the keg or an incorrect blend of CO2 and nitrogen gas. Contact EspriGas if either problem persists.

Follow the CO2 lines down to your fountain soft drink or draught beer systems looking for any types of leaks downstream. A significant leak downstream can push a higher-than-normal amount of CO2 through the regulator, causing a whistling noise. If fog appears off the tank or any tank lines, stay clear of the tank. If possible, ventilate the area to reduce CO2 concentration and call EspriGas at 1.800.720.1563

Check to see if your carbonator is plugged into an electrical outlet. If plugged in, shake or bump the carbonator gently until you hear it click on. If you don’t hear it click on, call your beverage provider.

Check your troubleshooting guide first to help identify if you have a leak or if you have a fountain issue. Frost is normal during peak periods when CO2 is in high demand. However, if you see frost or ice form on the side of the tank just after opening your business or during slow periods of fountain use, it may indicate a leak in the drink system. If you’re experiencing ice on your tank that isn’t melting please contact EspriGas at 1.800.720.1563

No. Don’t turn off the CO2 flow at the tank if there is a leak. Instead, investigate where the leak exists and use your Troubleshooting Guide. If the leak still persists, contact EspriGas for service.

Follow proper CO2 safety procedures:

  • Open the back door to vent the room.
  • Unplug the alarm to reset it.
  • If your sensor is too low to the floor, it may get wet during cleaning and trigger the alarm. If troubleshooting does not solve the issue, contact your beverage provider to check their syrup pumps and contact EspriGas for service. 1.800.720.1563

Yes. Setting up your online customer account is quick and easy. Visit https://order.esprigas.com and click on the link to register.

In the cylinder gas industry, your Supplier owns the tanks that contain your Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other gases. A monthly rental fee provides you with a hassle-free asset experience. No need to worry about the large purchase price, required hydrostatic testing, maintenance & repair, or asset tracking & management. Rent is applied per cylinder per month at the end of the month.

Yes. Tax will be applied to orders until EspriGas receives your tax exemption form. Any previously billed tax prior to the submission of the tax exemption form, will not be refunded.

No. Your CO2 is delivered separately and likely to occurs on different days. Esprigas will confirm your delivery dates once you have registered online

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All billing and invoices come from EspriGas. Payment is processed automatically after delivery is confirmed using default payment method on your account.

Yes. It’s very important to have both your CO2 and Bag-In-Box foundation syrup on-site prior to your fountain installation to ensure adequate beverage calibration during setup.