Large CO2



Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a nonflammable, colorless, odorless gas that is found in the air at concentrations of approximately .03%. CO2 may exist as a solid, liquid and gas and for beverages is the source of carbonation in soft drinks. CO2 is sold by weight (lbs.) and available in high pressure cylinders such as this.




  • 8.6″ diameter x 50″ height (with valve)
  • DOT approved
  • Tare Weight varies between 50-75 lbs. (based on aluminum/ steel cylinder)
  • Certified or hydro-tested every 5-10 yrs. (based on aluminum/ steel cylinder)
  • Product and cylinder are leak tested on each fill
  • CGA320 Connection valve
  • Food Grade Gas
  • (1) 50lb CO2 supports approx. (12) 5gal. Bag-in-Box of Fountain Syrup or ~45k finished ounces of soda