CO2 Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Your CO2 Supply

Out of CO2?

What to Check When You Suspect a Problem and Maintenance Tips:

  • Verify Carbonator Motor is running and plugged into electrical outlet. Contact your beverage supplier if Carbonator is not working.
  • Check gauge at the top of CO2 Tank. If the outgoing delivery reads over 100 PSI, you are not out of CO2.
  • If the gauge is over 100 PSI and outgoing delivery gauge is “0”, check to ensure tank valve is “open”. (Red handle should be parallel to pipe if tank is on)
  • Ensure CO2 tank is full. If gauge and outgoing delivery is less than 100 PSI, switch to backup tank (then notify EspriGas for a delivery). If there is no backup tank, contact 1.800.720.1563 for a delivery.
  • Check if CO2 tank has ice or frost on top/bottom of tank. If ice appears and service is busy (usage is high), this could be normal. If ice appears and usage is low; a leak may exist. Contact EspriGas 1.800.720.1563 for repair.
  • Check to verify your beverage syrup boxes are not empty. Empty boxes will drain the CO2 tank. If empty, either replace the syrup box or remove the CO2 line to that specific syrup box (only remove the empty line). Then contact your beverage supplier to order more product.